Custom Laser Service

Black Iron Manufacturing uses a state of the art Finn-Power 3500 watt Laser

Machine Capabilities

 Flying Optics / Moving beam delivery system

Working area

X-axis                                                                                    3000mm

Y-axis                                                                                    1500mm

Z-axis                                                                                    100mm

Max. Sheet dimensions (X x Y)                                      3150mm x 1530mm

Max. Sheet weight                                                            800 kg

Clamps                                                                                 manual, 3 pcs

Positioning accuracy according to VDI/DGQ 3441

Positional deviation Pa (X/Y axes)                             ± 0.1 mm

Positional scatter Ps (X/Y axes)                                  ± 0.025 mm

Max. Positioning speed, simultaneously                  300 m/min

Max. Cutting speed (2)                                           up to 20 m/min with N2 gas

Acceleration                                                                      > 2 g, each axis